Friday, March 9, 2007

You're not alone

Starting out with blogs and podcast might seem daunting but there's lots of help at hand. You'll find online communities and networks that can give you support.

Webheads meet online regularly to explore the latest synchronous and non-synchronous communications technologies, including video and voice, to adapt and demonstrate new innovative ideas for e-learning and classroom curriculum.

TappedIn where there are forums and regular organised chats for teachers using online resources.

EVO The Electric Village Online (that's part of TESOL) provides a set of online courses that takes place every year for six weeks, January-February. Sessions range from simple discussions to hands-on workshops.

Dekita advocates participatory uses of Web applications in EFL/ESL teaching and provides a network you can link to with your blogs.

There are also individual blogs that provide a wealth of ideas and useful information:
Joe Dale's blog (which I mentioned earlier)
Graham Stanley's blog (this is one of his blogs but he has quite a lot more)
Ewan McIntosh's blog

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