Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Making collaborative videos with Kaltura

I've not yet had a chance to experiment with Kaltura with students but I think it has great potential for collaborative project work.


  • First you need to create an account

  • Kaltura will email you with your login details
  • Then you can sign in and access your account page
  • Here you can either start a new video by clicking on Get a New Video Player or continue editing an existing video
  • It's easy to include your videos onto a web page our blog, just copy the code that is displayed under the video
  • Once the video is on your blog or site, you and other people can edit it from there.

video platform
video management
video solutions
free video player

  • If you'd like to try it out, click on the Add to the video button
  • You will find that adding and editing material on Kaltura is pretty intuitive but if you feel happier following instructions, there is a set of excellent video tutorials on the Kaltura site

1 comment:

PDonaghy said...

Wow, nice one Ann.
Hadn't come across this one yet. Thanks for pointing it out. So many tools so little time....!

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