Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ecoogler - every time you do a search, help save a tree

This is an ecologic searcher that works with Google, the only difference is that with every search you donate a symbolic leaf to plant trees in the Amazon and the rest of the trees in the world. It works just as Google and gives you exactly the same results. Donating a leaf is something symbolic, because each 1.000.000 of leaves represent a donation of trees to the Aquaverde association. These trees will be used to repopulate the Amazons and the forests worldwide. Ecoogler uses Google Custom Search technology.

Ecoogler shows the same results that google.com, so while looking for what you need you will be helping to repopulate the forests.

English with the Finglies

The web site for my CD-ROM designed for primary children learning English

The British Council in Bilbao

The web site gives you information, amongst other things, about our Talks for teachers