Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Making collaborative videos with Kaltura

I've not yet had a chance to experiment with Kaltura with students but I think it has great potential for collaborative project work.


  • First you need to create an account

  • Kaltura will email you with your login details
  • Then you can sign in and access your account page
  • Here you can either start a new video by clicking on Get a New Video Player or continue editing an existing video
  • It's easy to include your videos onto a web page our blog, just copy the code that is displayed under the video
  • Once the video is on your blog or site, you and other people can edit it from there.

video platform
video management
video solutions
free video player

  • If you'd like to try it out, click on the Add to the video button
  • You will find that adding and editing material on Kaltura is pretty intuitive but if you feel happier following instructions, there is a set of excellent video tutorials on the Kaltura site

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ecoogler - every time you do a search, help save a tree

This is an ecologic searcher that works with Google, the only difference is that with every search you donate a symbolic leaf to plant trees in the Amazon and the rest of the trees in the world. It works just as Google and gives you exactly the same results. Donating a leaf is something symbolic, because each 1.000.000 of leaves represent a donation of trees to the Aquaverde association. These trees will be used to repopulate the Amazons and the forests worldwide. Ecoogler uses Google Custom Search technology.

Ecoogler shows the same results that, so while looking for what you need you will be helping to repopulate the forests.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Using Bubbleshare with younger students

On Bubbleshare you can create a photo album for your students and then let them add captions and trimmings. Click on the photo below to see the results with a Primary 3 class.

  • First, create an account and login at Bubbleshare
  • With very young learners, upload some photos (I uploaded one for every class member) from FlickrStorm to create the album (remember to click on Advanced when you do your photo search so that the photos are Creative Commons)
  • Click on edit, then Album properties to select the level or privacy you want. I think Public with the Comments box unchecked is a good combination which allows students to view the album with their friends and parents and you to link to it on a blog, but avoids unwanted comments.
  • Demonstrate to the class how to arrive at the album using your login and then clicking on edit
  • Show them how to add a caption by clicking on the appropriate symbol above the photo
  • Get them to size the text at 12 so that it enters into the speach bubble

English with the Finglies

The web site for my CD-ROM designed for primary children learning English

The British Council in Bilbao

The web site gives you information, amongst other things, about our Talks for teachers