Sunday, April 12, 2009

Your home town task

Here's the instructions for this task I've used with recent class blogs.

Look at my post on my home town, Leicester.

Now write a post on your home town. Make it as interesting as you can so that anybody reading your post would like to visit it. Try to avoid cliches such as: Bilbao is very beautiful or Athletic is the best football club in the world!

Do a Google search or look up your town in Wikepedia to find information that perhaps you didn't know about and can improve your post.

But remember: no copying and pasting! Everything you write should be in your own words. And don't forget do do a spellcheck before you publish your post.

Here's an example of the results

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Patrick Jackson said...

Hi There,

We made this bilingual video in my JHS class a while back. Students brought in pictures which we scanned in. Made the vid with Movie Maker.

Actually I think it worked better when we got rid of the Japanese as in this one about 'Older People we Know'

Seems a long way away now I'm back in Dublin!

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