Thursday, March 8, 2007

Producing a podcast

Again you have a choice of resources...

The steps are very similar to setting up a blog..

...except that you have to record or upload an
audio file.

You can record directly into Podomatic or Swtichpod
using a mike attached to
your computer.

If you want to record your sound first using a sound recorder, make sure to compress the sound file to MP3.

You can do this by downloading a free program called Audacity
the LAME MP3 encoder. (Here is some useful information on how to configure Audacity and create an MP3 file for your podcast.)

and Swtchpod allow you to upload your file to their site. (Here is a step-by-step guide on creating a podomatic podcast.)

Odeo, however, requires that the file
is already on a web site.

This is how your finished podcast will look on Podomatic.

... which you can now embed on your blog.

The players look slightly different, but the result is the same.
Here's mine using Odeo on the We are the best blog.


Stanners said...

First of all, I really like the blog - I think it will be really useful for amateurs like myself.

A couple of question: 1) I tried to embed a podomatic audio onto my blogspot blog - with success, but it embedded the whole podcast - what I wanted was just one recording I made from the podomatic site. 2) Did you use an MP3 player from work to records the kids talking about Bilbao?

Stanners said...

I really like the Blog. Any advice on uploading single audio files? I tried to embed a podomatic file in my blogspot blog but could only upload the entire podomatic podcast.

Liked the podcasts of kids talking about Bilbao.

English with the Finglies

The web site for my CD-ROM designed for primary children learning English

The British Council in Bilbao

The web site gives you information, amongst other things, about our Talks for teachers