Saturday, March 10, 2007

Adding knobs and whistles

Once you are comfortable with blogging and podcasting,
you can start to experiment and branch out

Add a feed (I mentioned these earlier in Keeping track).
You can do this with FeedBurner.

Insert the URL of your blog. Choose Publicize.

Add a Chicklet.

Copy the html code provided.

Go to
your blog's Template and click on Add a Page Element.
Select HTML/Java script.

And in the window that opens up,
paste the html code you copied earlier.

Now you have a feed on your blog that visitors can easily subscribe to.

Add a link to an audio channel using

Or Vaestro

Add a map using CommunityWalk or MapKit

your photos and add them using flickr

When you've accumulated a number of blogs,
stick them together with Suprglu

Now you're ready to take on the world. So why not try these?


and FlashMeeting

And if you've got as far as this, consider yourself a
fully-participating member of the world of open web publishing!


Patrick Jackson said...

Hello there! Greetings from Japan. Every day brings another wonder. Today it was your blog and the link to Chinswing which I will enjoy using from now on. Thanks. Love it! My great grandmother was a Basque! You can see her great-great grandchildren over on my blog. Welcome!

Ann said...

Hi Patrick. I like your blog a lot, especially the Potato videos.

Patrick Jackson said...

Thanks for the kind words and the link. I would be honoured if you or one of your students would care to translate Good Friends into Basque.

Here is the Maori version for reference!

Good friends talk to each other
- Ka korero nga hoa pai

Good friends listen to each other
- Ka whakarongo nga hoa pai

Good friends play together
- Ka takaro nga hoa pai

Good friends lend things
- Ka tuku nga hoa pai

Good friends share things
- Ka tuari nga hoa pai

Good friends help each other
- Ka tautoko nga hoa pai

Good friends give presents
- Ka tuku taonga nga hoa pai

Good friends care
- Ka tiaki nga hoa pai

Bye for now. PJ

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