Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sing and investigate task

Here's the instructions for this task I've used with recent class blogs.

(It's a good idea to register with karaokeparty beforehand and let's your students use your login: that way they have access to al the songs on the site.)
  • Choose a song that you like in English and search for it on youtube
  • Go to this karaoke page. See if you can find the song you chose. Get a set of headphones with a mike and sing along to it. (If your song's not there, choose another.)
  • Check out if the singer or group you chose is on myspace and also if there's an entry on wikipedia
  • Create a new post. Using the information you've found, write about what you think is interesting about the history of your singer/group. Say why you think they have been successful. Put it in your own words - no copying and pasting! Don't forget to give your post a title.
  • Write a comment on your classmates' posting: say what you think is interesting about the lives and music of the singers/groups they chose.
Here's an example of the results.

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